Is it just me or does it seem like everything is in a holding pattern right now? Like the nation, the economy, the world are all circling the same fixed point in the future – the election.

This is NOT a political blog! Let me reassure you of that up front.

I’m just feeling so stagnant lately, so immobilized (figuratively, although I have jokingly said I wouldn’t mind a mild case of West Nile so that I could get some additional time off from work and catch up on my reading list.) And there are things (not) happening in my offline life that seem to be in a temporarily permanent hiatus until the outcome of the election is determined (the joys of a career in healthcare), so I’ve been blaming it on the Democrats. And the Republicans.

Maybe it’s the fact that we’re in between seasons. I don’t care what the calendar says; it’s not summer, but it ain’t fall, either.

Everything just feels so… on the cusp. We seem to be holding our collective breath. For what?

Then again, maybe it’s just me. But I cannot shake this feeling. I wish I knew what I was waiting for. If I’m actually waiting for something. Or if this is just some kind of mid-life ennui that I’ve stuck my foot in and now I can’t pull it back out.

It’s kind of draining and I really feel like I’m ready for whatever is on the other side, good or bad. Let the shoe drop, let the clouds open, let hell freeze over (okay, no, not that, I have way too much riding on that NEVER happening!)

Anyway, I hope something comes along soon… the winds of change, a brisk autumn breeze, a new horizon.

Because this in-between here and nothing? It kinda sucks.