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I’m in love with a fragrance sample strip.

Backstory: Every month, The Wall Street Journal publishes a glossy magazine in their weekend edition that is one big yawn. It generally features rich people and hideously expensive things and articles so esoteric and pretentious I’m not even sure the subject finds them compelling… and it’s about them. But, I paid for it, so I generally flip through it just in case there’s something worthwhile for a change. (An aside: Part of the reason I like the WSJ and keep my subscription, is the quirky features they do in the daily edition, like explaining the sport of curling or delving behind the scenes of the Annual World Beard Growing Competition. I’m always hoping the magazine will have more features like that instead of another profile of an art collector I’ve never heard of.) This month, it was the Men’s Fall Fashion Issue. Yawn. BIG yawn. But I did the page flip anyway, albeit even more cursory than usual, and then I smelled… it.

It was a partially opened strip for a new scent for men. Tom Ford Noir.

Oh. My.

It is simply, to my female nose pleasure centers, intoxicating.

It’s spicy, but a little earthy. Deep, yet fresh.

My first thought was, this is what Fifty Shades of Gray smells like.

Fifty Shades of very enticing man.

I’m (almost) ashamed to admit this. I tore it out. Threw away the magazine. Kept the glossy ad with the sample.

I put it in my desk drawer at work. Every time I opened the drawer the rest of the day, it was… stimulating. Talk about aromatherapy.

I once read an article about Tom Ford and a magazine editor said in it, “Everything he does is sex.” Indeed, ma’am, indeed.

Whatever is in this stuff, it’s catnip to me. So, yes, I have a tremendous crush on a fragrance sample. I’m sure we’re going to be very happy together. Until his scent fades.